Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Verizon "Unlimited" with FINE PRINT

For those who are interested, I have more details on Verizon unlimited plan that just has been introduced. But, before I go into details, let me mention that AT&T is expected to come up with some matching plan quite soon, so don't rush switching the carrier just yet.

So, first of all, there is no such thing, as unlimited plan. All plans are limited...for all carriers.
New Verizon "Unlimited" plan is actually limited to 22GB per device (AT&T-22GB, T-Mobile-28GB, Sprint-23GB), so after kicking the limit, you may see some throttling if towers are busy (how much throttling, Verizon does not say, but you get to be behind in the line).

The plan, multi-line one, in particular is calculated as following:
$110 - for unlimited data plan
$-10 for signing up for electronic statements and Auto-Pay (by e-check, ECH, debit card, but no CC - wow! forget the miles!)
$20 - for each additional device (smart phone, dumb phone, tablet, etc)
~ up to 10-devices on the same plan

So, family of 4 would pay $100+$80=$180 OR same as $45/per device
Sign up 10-devices, $100 + $200 = $300 OR same as $30/per device, not bad if you have a big family.

++ taxes and fees, always!

What do you get besides "unlimited" data?:

* Unlimited texts

* Unlimited talk, including to/from Mexico and Canada (if you are immigrating or being deported into Mexico/Canada, grab a new plan...before you go)

* 10GB for each device /per billing cycle for Sharing data - aka HotSpot. After that, hotspot speed goes to 3G regardless how busy Verizon is, but unlimited...good luck there... who uses 3G now-days? The good part, if you use it a lot, keep switching your Hotspot devices to keep 4G speeds floating..

* 500 Mbg/day data in over 100-Countries; You can buy additional data for $10/day. The fine print says you really have to be a visitor, not living in one of those 100-countries. Otherwise, they kick you out of the plan.


The cream on the cake - this is all introductory pricing, so it is subject to change based on what competition does.

I am sure someone will ask - what about a single line. Hmm, you do not want to be single in this case :)

It would cost you around $80 - just to compare Sprint offers 5-lines for $80.....so much for the competitive pricing.

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  1. With Verison it's not $20 per line, it depend on how you purchased your device. If you purchase with Verizon it's $20 per line plus monthly cost of device (~$28 for iPhone 7). However, if you purchased an iPhone 7 directly from Apple with a 2 year Verizon contract, the phone only cost $300 but you're paying $40 per device on your plan, not $20.