Saturday, January 28, 2017

Starting somewhere...

I have been avoiding any form of social media for as long as I could, but as everything goes, it all comes to and end at some point. So, you are looking at the result of it, or rather a beginning - and it is not a Facebook page or a twitter account; just a simple whisper sharing some of my knowledge accumulated over the years along with an experience and mistakes.

It is never too late to start doing something if you believe in it. So, I believe I can make a difference by sharing with you some of my learning.

Why would you want to hear it? If you believe in learning, then you can always learn from every experience and if you can avoid some of the mistakes others had made and lived to talk about it, you can consider yourself already ahead and wiser in life.  

This blog would mostly be about family finance, but I would like it to be much more than that. That is something I believe I can do, but it would take me time to learn how. I've never written a blog, so, I would start with something I know; a family finance is something that I do every day: pay bills, find discounts,  save money, rant about high tax bills, wonder where to invest into and, of course, payments of taxes, the less the better.

I do not have any formal financial education, and I am not interested in gaining one. But, as one of my friends once said: "the World lost an accountant in me". Indeed, I do love accounting and I do like investment discussions and money matters. If I had to do this professionally, I probably would not be enjoying it that much. It's only fun if nobody makes you do it.

This blog is also a yell to bring your attention to those who "touch" your money: accountants, money and portfolio managers, IRS, banks, your kids and even your parents and relatives. I'll also talk about those who should not.

If this is something that might interest you, check back and perhaps share this blog with others when you find it appropriate, even with your kids. I bet they can learn a lot and maybe even teach you something.

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